The Doug Jackson Design Office (DJDO) is a small but full-service architecture and design practice whose work has been recognized, published, and exhibited both nationally and internationally. This work is focused on preserving and expanding architecture’s unique ability to re-assemble the everyday material of the world into new and inhabitable realities that offer unprecedented, contemporary, and relevant experiences.


The work of the office ranges in scale from small custom furniture to large architectural commissions, and in character from theoretical proposals to constructed buildings. It is sometimes critical, sometimes playful—but always concerned with replacing architecture’s traditional reliance on static, sculptural form with an emphasis on dynamic and engaging spaces.

Prior to forming DJDO I was a partner in the award winning and internationally renowned office of Jones, Partners: Architecture. However, in 2007 I decided that I no longer wanted to pursue architecture as a traditional business, but rather as a form of intense speculation free from the pressure to be either fashionable or lucrative.


So I founded DJDO as a decidedly non-traditional architectural practice—part think-tank, part workshop, and part architecture office—focused solely on producing work that is innovative, thoughtful, and mindful of its responsibility to speak both to the contemporary concerns of the public as well as to those of the architectural discipline.


The office therefore seeks out projects that propose interesting challenges and offer worthwhile opportunities for expanding the understanding of architecture and the world. This makes our work a joyous, consequential, and extremely rewarding pursuit—rather than just a job.